Technology alone doesn’t solve problems, people do.
  • Digital Transformation
  • Technical Program and Project Management
  • Technical Operations & Security
  • Signal Processing, AI & Deep Tech
  • eHealth
  • FinTech

Expatriated software engineer who has been living in Europe since 2011 and now happily settled in Switzerland, enjoying its gorgeous landscape daily. From the moment I received my first computer in the 90’s, I have been tinkering through various technologies, programming languages, frameworks and paradigms and have never stopped since. I’ve studied computer science, specializing in the fields of business informatics, bio- and neuroinformatics as well as cybersecurity.

Geek in a suit, I use engineering and management methodologies to bring projects forward together with my team. Personally, I’m a well-traveled, curious and energetic person that has a passion for nature and discovering the different cultures of Europe. I live my passions for the most part through travelling, wine tasting, sailing and skiing. In a way, most aspects of my professional, academic and personal life can be observed as fast-paced, incremental processes involving a lot of prototyping.

Seeing a project come to its best end and seeing the work of talented people being put to use within a product we created together is what makes me truly happy about my line of work.