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Luzid embodies the essence of Swiss quality; precision, fact-driven, discreet and building to last.

Software Consulting

By investing in the digitalization of your organization and its processes, you invest not only in technology, but in a bright future for your business and a high-quality product.

Our software consulting services are designed to support you throughout all phases of software operation and development. Our team helps businesses realize their full potential by identifying and reducing unnecessary costs, protecting valuable data from threats, and ensuring rapid response to market changes.

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Swiss Made

Proudly international, with both feet in Switzerland. While providing our services around the globe, the core of our team is based in Switzerland. Swiss made to us means quality of everyday work and resilient partnerships and solutions.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

We understand that digital transformation is about the journey. Together, we materialize your vision into the matching plan and measurable actions, to move with certainty.

Enterprise Software Customization
Enterprise Software Customization

Modern enterprise software promises vast interoperability. Similar to a watch-maker, we can help you align each gear of this complex system, leading to a steady improvement of your operations. You'll notice the results in not time, seeing a reduction in errors and a gain of operational speed like never before.

Process Compliance and Certification
Process Compliance and Certification

Should it be security, audit-trail or regulatory compliance requirements, we got you covered with our comprehensive 360 view of your full business context and key knowledge and skills into security auditing and management.

Software Development
Software Development

Innovation happens at the crossroad of a need and lack of an existing off-the-shelf or customizable solution. In these cases, the development team at luzid embodies the essence of Swiss quality, delivering smart software solutions that elevate your business to new heights.

AI Opportunities
AI Opportunities

The digital world moves fast, and AI capabilities even faster. With literally thousands of options out there, which one respond and might elevate your business to the new height? This is where your luzid team can help you find the next step towards improving your organization, leveraging today's AI technology.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure
Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Your organization must rely on a robust yet flexible infrastucture and we understand how your data and the data you are entrusted by your customers is highly valuable. Luzid will help you set up and keep your cloud infrastructure secure using the cloud provider and location of your choice while following your security and privacy policies.



Enterprise, project and warehouse management has a lot in common. Managing resources and ensuring that the right people have direct access to the right information are the cornerstones of enterprise logistics. Using a mix of standard solutions and customization, your luzid team ensures your operational efficiency and success with small but steady improvements with measurable ROI.


Digitalization of services is happening in multiple areas, especially in healthcare and clinic management. The creation of software in that area is no simple task, as not all software is allowed to deal with such sensitive data. At luzid we have experience creating, maintaining and operating "CE" software. This allows our team to kick-start such projects quickly and efficiently.


Sensitive data managed by FinTech is highly regulated in each and different legislation. FinTech applications and services must be easy to use, yet secure and fulfil compliance requirements. For the team at luzid, you will have experienced people knowing how to navigate through these complexities. With them at your side, you'll bring your organization to its ROI destination in no time, while having the peace of mind that your solution is solid and has been built to last, following the "CE" software requirements.

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Get it done

When you work with us, you're not just working with a consultancy, you're collaborating with a dynamic and engaged team that helps you turn your tech strategy into tangible achievements.

  • Schedule an initial online call with a consultant to discuss your project.
  • After the initial consultation, we are able to prepare a project proposal with a solution draft including user stories and technical validation for you.
  • Once you review and approve the project proposal, our team works closely with you to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your requirements already ensuring a perfect and planable delivery.
  • As your partner throughout the complete project, we guide you through the software development life-cycle until your solution is up and running at perfection.

Your success is our success, and we get it done.

Our dynamic team is committed to bringing your ideas to life.

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